Horizontal ASRS

Save Space & Reduce Labor Cost

Fast retrieval speeds, Off the shelf AC controllers, Standard & Dual bin configurations with high efficiency direct drive design.

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    A horizontal carousel-based automated storage and retrieval system consists of a track with rotating bins. The bins contain the products or other goods you would like to store, retrieve and transport to assigned locations. Once you request an item, the ASRS rotates in a way that is convenient for you to pick the product, with an indicator showing the carousel and shelf where it is located. In either a production or distribution setting, the horizontal carousel is extremely effective in saving space, reducing labor costs, speeding throughput and improving accuracy and inventory control.

    Save space, reduce labor costs, faster throughput and improve order accuracy.

    • Horizontal Carousel eliminates unproductive travel and search time
    • Get high speed order picking and parts delivery
    • Available in a variety of widths and heights - customized to any application
    • Variable bin width and height. Location height can be easily adjusted

    Modula Horizontal Carousel
    High-performance order fulfillment in low ceiling environments

    When combined with the Modula Warehouse Management System (WMS) and order retrieval aides such as barcode readers and batch pick stations, the Modula HC vastly improves materials handling accuracy and inventory control. In addition, the carousel now features safety barriers and doors to further protect operators during production.

    The Modula HC is available in a variety of configurations and can be installed into either a production or distribution setting to support high-speed batch picking, maximize space, reduce labor time costs, and improve accuracy and inventory control.

    Other new Modula HC features include:

    • Simplified, user-friendly operator interface and inventory control software
    • Optimized picking software to minimize operator movement
    • Increased storage density
    • Automatic doors and perimeter guards on all models
    • Stronger foundation with a solid 304 stainless steel framework
    • Easier integration with other Modula solutions
    • Single or dual 3-horsepower drives for increased speed of inventory management and high-capacity live lines
    • Inverted drives are available to accommodate limited ceiling height

    Horizontal carousels are automated storage systems on which bins rotate horizontally on an oval track and deliver parts to an operator. This is far more efficient than traditional warehouse operations in which workers rove among static shelving to retrieve items. By installing a Modula HC, a warehouse can dramatically boost its throughput — as high as 500 lines per hour. Because the HC condenses storage in its tightly packed bins rather than on shelves, warehouses can save a significant amount of floor space as well.

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    Horizontal ASRS Picking System | Automated Storage

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