Unit Load ASRS

Fixed-aisle and Moveable aisle cranes.

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    Unit-Load ASRS

    Unit-Load ASRS are large systems that store and retrieve bulky and heavy loads, including pallets, pallet-sized loads, and cases.

    The weight they can handle ranges from 1,100 to 5,500 pounds (500 to 2,500 kg) while their height can reach up to 100 feet. The structure of the unit-load ASRS includes narrow aisle racks and a crane that moves the pallets according to your instructions.

    You can use unit-load ASRS in high-density areas with bulky loads to ensure space optimization, safe storage, quick retrieval of goods, and minimal labor.

    Types of Unit-Load ASRS

    Unit-load ASRS are divided into two sub-groups: fixed-aisle and moveable aisle cranes.

    Fixed-aisle unit-load ASRS is a system that allows narrow aisles between pallet racks. A crane positioned in a single-aisle of pallets moves vertically and horizontally between the aisles to transport the needed items.

    Moveable aisle crane unit-load ASRS function in a similar way, but the crane is not fixed and it uses a track to move between the aisles. This type of unit-load ASRS is suitable for larger facilities with more space.

    Automatically Store and Retrieve Product from a Unit-Load ASRS

    If you are experiencing floor space challenges, product security and tracking problems, limited accessibility to reliable labor, need to reduce forklift traffic, dependency on drivers and are looking to improve your overall operation efficiency, then contact us to learn more about a Unit-Load AS/RS.


    Most of the time, a Unit-Load ASRS is used in manufacturing facilities, distribution warehouses, finished goods buffer for single or multi-SKU pallets, pallet buffer to supply product to other automated downstream systems, rack supported building and cooler, freezer, and special environment facilities.

    Unit Load AS/RS for Warehouse Automation

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