Warehouse Storage Automation VLM for Public Transportation Industry

Warehouse Storage Automation VLM for Public Transportation Industry

Vertical Lift Module for the Public Transportation Sector

Tackling Challenges in the Public Transportation Industry:

The public transportation industry faces significant challenges in keeping up with new technology while ensuring the safety and functionality of existing transport modes. These challenges can impact efficiency, cost, and ultimately, the quality of service provided to the public. Automated solutions for the public transportation industry are key to maintaining complex systems while allowing for technological and safety improvements.

Supply Chain Management

  • Public transportation agencies rely on multiple suppliers for various parts and components, making it difficult to track inventory, manage lead times, and ensure the timely delivery of critical materials.
  • Many agencies lack real-time data and visibility into their supply chain and material handling processes, complicating efforts to identify areas for improvement and optimize operations.

Aging Infrastructure

  • Many public transportation systems operate with outdated infrastructure, including warehouses, terminals, and maintenance facilities.
  • This can lead to inefficient material handling processes and increased downtime for repairs, as finding replacement parts and materials for older systems can be challenging due to discontinued production.

Safety Regulations and Complex Regulatory Requirements

  • Safety is a top priority in public transportation, necessitating strict adherence to safety protocols in material handling to protect maintenance personnel and passengers.
  • New technology is continuously developed to meet evolving safety standards in both the production and operation of public transportation components.
  • Effective inventory management and material handling are crucial for maintaining both new and old components.

Limited Resources and Budget Constraints

  • Public transportation agencies often face budget constraints, limiting their ability to invest in new technologies and improve efficiency.
  • Agencies receiving federal funding must comply with Buy America requirements, which mandate that a certain percentage of project costs be spent on domestically manufactured materials and components.

By adopting automated solutions, public transportation agencies can enhance their supply chain and material handling operations, leading to increased efficiency, cost savings, and improved service for the public.

Modula’s Public Transportation Industry Clients

  • Amtrak Maintenance Facility, USA
  • Alstom, USA
  • Alstom Ferroviaria, Italy
  • Central Puget Sound Regional Transit, USA
  • Israel Railways, Israel
  • Los Angeles County Metro, USA
  • New York City Department of Transportation, USA
  • New York City Transit, USA
  • Metro-North Railroad, USA
  • Purple Line Transit Center, USA
  • Toronto Transit Commission, Canada
  • Utah Transit Authority, USA

Automation in the Public Transportation Industry

Modula VLM CanadaThe public transportation sector is complex and dynamic, presenting numerous material handling and inventory challenges. Automation solutions streamline operations, reduce lead times, enhance accuracy, and improve overall efficiency.

Manual vs. Automated Processes for Material Handling

  • Many public transportation agencies still rely heavily on manual processes for loading, unloading, and transporting materials, leading to inefficiencies, safety concerns, and potential damage to equipment and parts.
  • The absence of automated systems can slow down material handling operations, increasing turnaround times and impacting service delivery.

Preventive Maintenance Optimization

  • Automation enables data-driven preventive maintenance routines. Solutions like Modula WMS and Modula Cloud software can track usage and predict potential failures, allowing agencies to schedule maintenance proactively before breakdowns occur.
  • This approach minimizes disruptions and maximizes vehicle lifespan.

Faster Equipment Repair

  • With faster access to needed parts and tools, maintenance teams can diagnose and repair equipment more quickly, reducing downtime and improving vehicle availability.
  • This results in fewer delays and disruptions for passengers.

Made in the USA – Compliance with the Buy America Act & Rapid Deployment

  • Modula’s ASRS are manufactured in the US, making them eligible for Buy American Act preferences in government contracts. This compliance can help public transportation agencies secure funding for infrastructure projects.
  • Modula’s US-based production delivers shorter lead times, allowing agencies to swiftly address crucial needs and prioritize efficiency upgrades.
  • Quicker implementation of ASRS leads to faster improvements in equipment maintenance, operational performance, and passenger service.

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