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    Pick to Light (PTL)

    Get the best Pick to light order picking technology for your warehouses and distribution centers. Our advanced Pick to Light technology utilizes lights and LEDs on racks and shelves to indicate pick locations that guide order pickers while picking the items. This increases picking efficiency and overall business performance. Put to Light systems are ideal for quickly and accurately sorting products for eCommerce and direct-to-consumer order fulfillment processes. Our Put to Light Systems enable operators to quickly sort totes of mixed SKU merchandise into unique customer orders.

    Sort to Light or Put to Light

    In Put-to-Light systems / Put-by-Light systems / Sort to Light Systems light displays instruct the operator where and how to allocate stock to orders, allowing efficient picking from bulk stock. The operator scans each product and flashing light displays at each location indicate which containers require that product and how many items to put. Confirmed put results are updated to the system in real time for host system updates. This way the whole sortation process is simplified and this intuitive system increases efficiency by reducing the risk of mistakes while saving time and labor cost.

    Picking, sorting and order preparation systems to optimize warehouse management.

    Get in touch with us if you are looking for: Low Cost Pick / Put to light Sortation system for your Warehouse, Retail Store, and Distribution Center. Get the best order-fulfillment technology designed to improve picking accuracy and efficiency.

    Looking for an innovative sorting system?

    Start using the fastest operator-based picking strategy for order fulfillment. Optimize your warehouse and streamline your pick, pack and shipping process with Pick to Light and Put to Light Systems. High Speed, Zero Picking Error, Easy to use, Low cost solution for warehouses, distribution centers, and retail stores.

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