Sortation Systems

Automated Material Sortation

Case Level and Unit Sortation

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Increase item sorting rate & decrease the level of error.

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    Types of Sorters:

    • Sliding Shoe Sorter
    • Flat Face Sorter
    • Trap Arm Sorter
    • Bow Arm Sorter
    • Right Angle Roller Sorter
    • Pop-up Wheel Sorter
    • Right Angle Belt Sorter
    • Narrow Belt Sorter
    • Pusher Sorter
    • Shoe Sorter
    • Tilt Tray Sorter

    Sortation Systems - Linear | Loop

    Sortation is the process of identifying items on a conveyor system and diverting them to specific destinations. Sorters are applied to different applications depending upon the product and the requested rate controlled by task-specific software. Distribution centers use sortation systems for receiving, picking, packing and shipping applications.

    Choose the Best Sortation System for Your Application

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    Sortation Benefits:

    • Quick, efficient and accurate sortation of material with flexible customization based on product types, sizes and weights
    • Increases shipping efficiency by sorting the right product to the right place
    • Instrumental in accurate order fulfillment for e-commerce based orders
    • Improves overall business performance & Save time

    Sortation Systems | Automated Sorting Systems

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