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Vertical Storage Solutions for Electrical & Electronics Companies

Buffalo New York Modula VLMThe inventory of a company that works in the electric sector is extensive, not only electric components or small parts, but also for computer or pre-assembled systems which, in addition to occupying more space, need greater protection.

Modula automatic vertical warehouses are suitable for any type of product as they can be configured in different capacities, heights and sizes. The products can be stored in different ways: they can be divided into several Modula installed side by side; or use different trays for different goods or divide each tray into smaller compartments with metal dividers and separators. Even small part can be stored in bulk, without danger of being lost and in perfect order.

Companies in the electrical or electronics industry not only need to make the most of their storage space, they need to protect their parts from dust and debris. Modula’s enclosed vertical lift modules do just that and can be equipped with options to further protect sensitive parts from electrical shocks. With the enhanced productivity and picking accuracy of our automated storage systems, it’s no wonder that more and more companies in this sector turn to Modula.  MODULA

Electrified tray and ESD Protection: two support for companies that deal with electrical components

Modula Automatic Storage systems favor a safe environment for operators. With electronic materials it is crucial to have the possibility of installing the ESD protection system to safeguard the goods from possible electrical discharges. When a body comes in contact with an object charged to a different potential it can generate a discharge, accompanied by a spark, which is dangerous for the electronic components The ESD protection kit consists of a grounding point to which up to 3 protective cuff devices per operator are connected.

With the electrified tray it is possible to electrically power the material (e.g. rechargeable lamps, computer, radios, etc.).

Why Automated Vertical Storage Units for Electrical and Electronics Industry?


  • Pre-configured to readily integrate with your ERP or DMS
  • Complete visibility into inventory and operations, down to a single tray
  • User-friendly interfaces and short training times
  • Expandable to grow with your business as needed

Want to improve the performance of your picking and storage operation?

MODULE VLM’s are currently being used in the Electronics and Electrical Sectors by the following companies:

  • Adc Tel.
  • Ametek
  • Baytek Games Inc.
  • Broadridge Financial Solutions
  • Canadian Extreme Climate Systems
  • Christie Lites
  • Chronos Richardson
  • Connecticut Power
  • Cymer
  • Dalsa Waterloo
  • DB Spectra
  • Delta Systems & Automation Inc.
  • Diageo Global Supply Diageo Maintenance
  • Drs Laurle Technologies
  • Dsg, Inc
  • Eaton Corporation
  • Electric Motion Company Inc.
  • Enercon Technologies
  • Entegris
  • First Solar
  • Flextronics International USA Inc
  • Fluid Components Corp.
  • Garmin
  • General Electric Canada
  • Google Inc
  • Hemlock
  • Hid Global
  • Hubbell Power System Inc.
  • Industrial Automation Supply
  • Intel – D1d Development Fab
  • Kimball Electronics
  • Manufacture EXM Ltd
  • Maryland Procurement Office – NSA
  • MCS-Servo Inc
  • ME Global Inc
  • Microelettrica Scientifica
  • Microelettrica USA LLC
  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc.
  • Photronics
  • Polaris Contract Manufacturing Inc
  • Quaker Oats
  • Qualcomm
  • Qualitel Corporation
  • Rosemount
  • Sensus
  • Siemens Fast Warehouse
  • SJE Rhombus
  • Tafa Incorporated
  • TE Connectivity
  • Texas Instruments Inc.
  • Thomas & Betts
  • Tyco Electronics
  • UTC Rosemount
  • Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company
  • WESCO Fulfillment Center
  • White Systems
  • Williams International
  • XP Power
  • Zebra Technologies

Maximize the performance of every inch of your floor space with Modula Vertical Lift Modules.

Modula Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) are fully automated vertical storage systems that take up a minimum footprint by utilizing the ceiling height available. These systems allow for large inventory of goods to be quickly accessible while being stored in a safe and secure environment and automatically delivered to the operators, with a simple touch on the user friendly Copilot controller or the scan of the barcode.

This feature eliminates the need to search for items and ensures that the right part is delivered to the right person, to the optimum ergonomic retrieval height. As such, productivity and efficiency are increased while picking errors are drastically reduced. Get the most performance out of every inch of your manufacturing floor space with Modula Vertical Lift Modules!

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