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Automated Storage Solution for Medical Healthcare

Vertical Storage Solutions for Medical & Healthcare Sector

Why automate healthcare facilities with Modula?

Buffalo New York Modula VLMHospitals, private outpatient clinics, and nursing homes all have one main objective: they must guarantee very high standards of hygiene, with regards not only to the facilities, but also to the surgical instruments and equipment used.

In this sector the safety of stored material is very important, and it is here that Modula vertical automatic storage systems play a decisive role, averting possible risks such as:

  • Contamination
  • Degeneration
  • High temperatures
  • Tampering
  • Theft
  • Dust
  • Expiry of medicines
  • Light and heat sources

With vertical automatic storage systems, the products inside the vertical structures are protected from dust, external agents, light and heat sources.

The stored items are also safe from theft and damage, in fact, every withdrawal and picking action can be managed through specific logins. In this way, access to individual trays can also be denied to users without specific credentials.

Companies in the biomedical and pharmaceutical industry need secure and often temperature-controlled storage systems. Modula’s enclosed vertical lift modules can provide just such an environment for stored items. Materials are retrieved and brought to the operator automatically, and storage units can be customized for each organization’s unique needs. MODULA

Why Automated Vertical Storage Units for Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Companies?


  • Saves up to 90% of valuable floor space compared to traditional storage methods
  • Picking speed up to 300 lines per hour
  • Ergonomic storage and retrieval workstation – items are automatically delivered to the optimum ergonomic retrieval height
  • WMS software optimizing inventory control management
  • Quick return on investment (anywhere from six to 18 months, depending on the overall size of the project)
  • Scalable design
  • Stores a wide range of part sizes (small, medium, large)
  • Provides a safe storage environment for inventory
  • Creates new revenue activities by reclaiming otherwise wasted space and labor

Want to improve the performance of your picking and storage operation?

MODULE VLM’s are currently being used by Healthcare, Medical / Pharmaceutical companies such as:

  • Abbott Vascular
  • Advanced Orthomolecular
  • Alza Corp.
  • Amgen
  • AOR
  • Arjohuntleigh Magog Inc
  • Atricure
  • Aventis Pharmaceutical
  • Ben Venue Laboratories
  • Biogen Maintenance Storeroom
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc
  • Boston Scientific
  • Catalent Ontario Limited
  • Cook Medical
  • Depuy Synthes
  • Dsm Medical
  • E Tech
  • Emerald Therapeutics
  • Erbe USA,Inc.
  • GCM
  • Gilead
  • Glaxo Smith Kline
  • H.J. Harkin
  • Heraeus Medical
  • Hospira Inc.
  • Innomed
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Kaiser Richmond


  • Kinetic Concepts
  • Kite Pharma Bldg 110
  • Lee Sar
  • Life Technologies Corp
  • Lifescan
  • Lilly Tech Ctr,Ltc-S
  • Lowell Inc.
  • LSI Solutions
  • MANU – Stor Bhm Medical
  • Mendell Inc.
  • Merit Medical Systems
  • Methodist Hospital
  • Novozymes
  • Nypro Mebane
  • Organon
  • Perez Distributing
  • Pharmavite
  • Phillips Medisize
  • Qocina Corp.
  • Siemens Healthcare
  • St. Jude Medical
  • STERIS Corp.
  • Stryker Orthopaedics
  • Synthes
  • Tapemark
  • TOMZ Corp
  • Wyeth-Ayerst Lederle
  • Zimmer Biomet

Maximize the performance of every inch of your floor space with Modula Vertical Lift Modules.

Pharmaceutical Healthcare Automated StorageModula Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) are fully automated vertical storage systems that take up a minimum footprint by utilizing the ceiling height available. These systems allow for large inventory of goods to be quickly accessible while being stored in a safe and secure environment and automatically delivered to the operators, with a simple touch on the user friendly Copilot controller or the scan of the barcode.

This feature eliminates the need to search for items and ensures that the right part is delivered to the right person, to the optimum ergonomic retrieval height. As such, productivity and efficiency are increased while picking errors are drastically reduced. Get the most performance out of every inch of your manufacturing floor space with Modula Vertical Lift Modules!

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