Modula VLM for Sale

Pre-Owned Modula ML25D VLM for SALE!

Includes premium options at no additional cost.

Reduce your storage footprint, picking time, and improve your inventory tracking with a Modula Vertical Lift Module (VLM).

Act fast – it's first come, first served!

    Most pre-owned equipment we offer are application specific, flexible, scalable, high quality, durable, user friendly, easy to maintain, affordable and come with a limited warranty. All used and pre-owned equipment can be delivered and installed at your desired location.


    Our projects have included automatic warehouses and equipment for work stations in companies in every industrial and commercial sector such as Automotive, Ceramics, Chemical / Pharmaceutical / Biomedical, Distribution / E-commerce, Electrical / Electronics, Food & Beverage, Hydraulics / Pneumatics / Oleodynamics, Mechanical, Plastics, Printing / Publishing, Textile / Clothing / Accessories and Aluminum / Steel / Siderurgical.

    WMS Software

    Modula vertical lift modules are controlled through an easy to use Windows based, touch screen control panel running WMS software. The color touch screen makes it easy for an operator to perform tasks such as inventory management, stock location and order picking. The touch screen system has been designed for industrial environments making it both rugged and easy to operate.

    Why Choose Us?

    • Factory trained Modula technicians.
    • Fast and quite storage and retrieval.
    • Reliable, Ergonomic and efficient.
    • Easy to use CoPilot controller with colour touch screen.
    • Optional slide CoPilot console.
    • Optional external bay with full safety barrier.
    • Maximum payload capacity for every tray width.
    • Modula Models available with various tray depths, widths and weight capacities.
    • Up to tray with of over 13' with a maximum weigh capacity of 2,200 lbs.
    • Recover floor space that was used with static shelving.
    • Improved picking and putting accuracy.

    Watch What Customers Say About Modula Vertical Lift System

    How It Works?

    A vertical lift module (VLM) comprises vertically arranged trays, an extraction platform, and a suite of computerized controls that seamlessly deliver goods to an ergonomically positioned workstation. At this station, operators pick or replenish items. The VLM's automated system effortlessly locates stored goods, retrieving trays from both the front and back with a simple push of a button or a quick scan of a barcode.

    The Modula vertical carousel excels in efficiently packing various parts, tools, materials, and supplies into customizable drawers. Accessing these drawers is a breeze, thanks to tailored options like internal or external picking bays. The system boasts a powerful Windows-based touchscreen control panel, running Modula WMS inventory and retrieval software.

    This automated vertical lift system by Modula is entirely modular, allowing customization of drawer widths, heights, and capacities. The Modula WMS software further optimizes part placement within trays, providing recommendations for the most suitable drawer. Combining the Modula VLM with the WMS software results in one of the fastest and most efficient Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) on the market. The Modula system streamlines the process of picking parts, tools, and supplies, maximizing efficiency within a minimal space footprint.