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Transform Your Material Handling With The Most Advanced Automated Storage And Retrieval Systems From Modula.

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Reduce your storage footprint, picking time, and improve your inventory tracking with a Modula Vertical Lift Module (VLM).

    Warehouse & Industrial Space Optimization in Markham, Ontario with Modula VLM

    The Modula Lift is an automated vertical storage system that has gained immense popularity as it helps facilities recover up to 90% of floor space, which can be utilized for other purposes. Its ability to handle up to 120 trays per hour ensures optimal productivity, while providing a secure storage solution that safeguards operators and items. With improved picking accuracy and real-time inventory visibility, the Modula Lift is an ideal storage solution for industrial products, components, and spare parts in diverse environments and industries. Its availability in various sizes and capacities makes it a versatile choice for any storage need.

    Reduce your storage footprint, picking time, and improve your inventory tracking with a Modula Vertical Lift Module (VLM).

    ROI with MODULA

    Discover how Modula recover space and increase productivity in your picking operations by combining traditional storage racks into a fully computerized and automated vertical lift system.

    Modula is an automated vertical storage system with a series of trays which is designed to optimise space, work and warehouse management. It is the ideal solution for issues surrounding the management, picking and retrieval of components, as well as semi-processed and finished products, in a diverse range of Industries and applications.

    Convert Wasted Rack & Shelving Space to Valuable Floor Space.


    The Modula vertical storage carousel is ideally suited for high-turnover production parts as well as indirect-cost items such as tools, raw materials, and supplies. Handling large quantities of low-cost materials generally involves high logistic costs. Especially here, considerable savings are possible through optimized storage and ordering procedures.

    Our projects have included automatic warehouses and equipment for work stations in companies in every industrial and commercial sector such as Automotive, Ceramics, Chemical/Pharmaceutical/Biomedical, Distribution/E-commerce, Electrical/Electronics, Food & Beverage, Hydraulics/Pneumatics/Oleodynamics, Mechanical, Plastics, Printing/Publishing, Textile/Clothing/Accessories and Alluminium/Steel/Siderurgical.

    WMS Software

    Modula vertical lift modules are controlled through an easy to use Windows based, touch screen control panel running WMS software.

    The color touch screen makes it easy for an operator to perform tasks such as inventory management, stock location and order picking. Being Windows based, the touch screen system has been designed for industrial environments making it both rugged and easy to operate.

    It can manage your warehouse in real time via a user-friendly PC interface which is simple and intuitive. All you need is a PC as a server and a certain number of clients depending on your needs. All this means that a full multi-user system is within easy reach.

    Modula & MiR Autonomous Mobile Robots Brochure

    With the launch of a new cooperation with Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), a market leader for autonomous mobile robots, we are pleased to provide you with the marketing materials to support your selling efforts.

    Watch What Customers Say About Modula Vertical Lift System

    The best vertical lift module to recover space and increase security.

    Introduced on the market 30 years ago Modula Lift is amongst the most reliable and advanced on the market.

    Technical Data

    Modula is the ideal solution to store any industrial product, components or spare parts in all possible industrial environments, industries and departments. Many companies have chosen Modula to re-organise and improve the workflow due to its flexibility, the wide range of models, the design and ease of use. The software can be used with Modula or as a stand-alone system that manages all possible warehouse operations or a combination of both. To gain the most benefit from your Modula and increase your productivity, we offer a wide range of accessories.

    Why Choose Us?

    • Factory trained Modula technicians.
    • Fast and quite storage and retrieval.
    • Reliable, Ergonomic and efficient.
    • Easy to use CoPilot controller with colour touch screen.
    • Optional slide CoPilot console.
    • Optional external bay with full safety barrier.
    • Maximum payload capacity for every tray width.
    • Modula Models available with various tray depths, widths and weight capacities.
    • Up to tray with of over 13' with a maximum weigh capacity of 2,200 lbs.
    • Recover floor space that was used with static shelving.
    • Improved picking and putting accuracy.

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    How to Customize Your Modula VLM?

    How It Works?

    A vertical lift module (VLM) is an enclosed system of vertically arranged trays, an extraction platform and a series of computerized controls that delivers goods to an ergonomically positioned workstationwhere an operator picks or replenishes the goods. The VLM automatically locates stored goods and retrieves trays from both the front and back of the unitwith a push of a button or a scan of a bar code.

    The Modula vertical carousel is able to densely pack all your parts, tools, materials and supplies in customizable drawers. All the drawers are easily accessible with customizable options such as internal or external picking bays and an amazingly powerful Windows based touch screen control panel running Modula WMS inventory and retrieval software.

    The Modula automated vertical lift system is fully modular and can be customized with different drawer widths, heights and capacities. The Modula WMS software will also help to optimize part placement within a tray, as well as recommend a drawer to use. The Modula VLM and WMS software package combine to make itone of the fastest and most efficient Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)available. The Modula system makes picking parts, tools and supplies efficient and with minimal space required.